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Dealing with Trauma
in Constellation Work

10 sessions of 4 hours for Graduates


Scope and duration of studies

10 meetings once a week on Mondays
between 18:00 - 22:00 Israel time
(40 hours in total) As of Monday, February 7, 2022

All sessions will be transmitted through the Zoom

One of the most complex and complicated themes we encounter in constellations is the subject of trauma.

Both, clients and facilitators are challenged in this.

The client because he/she could experience re – traumatization, going into fight – flight – freeze – fawn response, and the facilitator going into either the same or trying to save the client.

The curriculum

In this advanced short training you will learn about

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Shock Trauma

  • Transgenerational Trauma

  • Collective Trauma

  • Religious/Political/Cultural Trauma

  • Trauma secrets

  • Shame, guilt, aggression in trauma

  • Inherited Trauma

  • Coming out of the Trauma vortex

  • Loyalties and Entanglements

  • Trauma as Shadow

  • And more


We will work with Constellations, Healing rituals, Imaginations, particular questions, resources.

The facilitator:
Sakino Mathilde Sternberg (Germany)

Born in Germany, holds a diploma in Clinical Psychology, with over 40 years of experience in various fields of therapy and counseling.
Sakino is specializing in Systemic Family Therapy (Virginia Satir), Trauma Therapy (NARM, SE) and more.

Trained in family and systemic constellation by Bert Hellinger, founder of this method, and others.


In addition, Sakino was trained in:

Primal Therapy (Early Childhood Work)

Sexuality Therapy

Body-focused psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing

Gestalt therapy

Behavioural therapy


Client Centered Psychotherapy and storytelling


Sakino was trained by:

Bert Hellinger, Germany

Dr. Peter Levine, USA

Dr. Lawrence Heller, USA

Prof. Dan Bar-On, Israel

Prof. Meinolf Peters, Germany

Denny Yuson, The Netherlands

Dr. Guntard Weber, Germany and others.


Works in Berlin in her private clinic, facilitates workshops and training sessions in Europe and around the world.

She is known for her precision and intuition, endowed with deep love for the human condition and rare sensitivity as well as limitless patience.

Sakino's site

sakino on the wall.jpg

Who is the course for?

This seminar series is ONLY for participants who have fully completed and graduated from the "Heal your Roots Family and Systemic Constellation and Trauma Healing Training", under the guidance of Sakino or under the guidance of other teachers.

The certificate

Students who have attended all 10 sessions and fulfilled all requirements of the program will get an international certificate of completion.

Since Sakino is a member of the Official Psychotherapists Organization in Germany, as well as the "German Systemic Constellation Association", the certificate is internationally recognized.

Scope and duration of studies

10 meetings once a week on Mondays between 18:00- 22:00 Israel time 
(40 hours in total) As of Monday, February 7, 2022.

All sessions will be transmitted through the Zoom

The cost

  • 230€ ✕ 5 payments

  • First payment in February 2022

  • A registration fee of 100€ will be transferred at the time of registration (and will be deducted from the first payment)

For details and registration:
Tarika +972-54-5534006
Or leave your details and we will get back to you soon

Thanks for contacting

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